świadczenia usług tłumaczeniowych przez Biuro Tłumaczeń BeLingua Beata i Dawid Mrotek Spółka Jawna z siedzibą w Pruszkowie (05-802) przy ul. Zamiejskiej 7, zarejestrowana w Sądzie Rejonowym dla m. st. Warszawy w Warszawie, XIV Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego pod numerem KRS 0000583650, REGON 362886300, NIP 5342509726 (zwane dalej „Biurem Tłumaczeń”).

The controller of your personal data is Biuro Tłumaczeń BeLingua Beata i Dawid Mrotek Spółka Jawna (BT BeLingua) with the seat in Pruszków (05-802) at ul. Zamiejska 7, registered in the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIV Department for Commercial Matters of the National Court Register with the KRS number 0000583650, REGON 362886300, NIP 5342509726 (“Translation Agency”). Contact with the Personal Data Controller:, phone 22 122 88 33. Your personal data will be processed in order to:

  • Prepare an offer and carry out the contract concluded with us for translation services and in the scope of consents granted to us,

  • Meet legal obligations which are mandatory on us as part of our business activity,

  • Document the concluded contract and its settlement on the basis of tax and accounting law,

  • Implement internal administrative procedures, including statistics and reports resulting from the implementation of legitimate interests,

  • Archive (collect proof) sources, which is the implementation of our legitimate interest in securing information in the event of a legal need to prove facts, determine, claim receivables or defend against claims, which is the implementation of our legitimate interest. 

Providing your personal data was voluntary, but necessary to present an offer and conclude a contract. The recipients of your personal data are the following entities processing data on our behalf and participating in the performance of our activities:

  • authorized employees of the Controller,

  • subcontractors, i.e. translators and other translation agencies,

  • entities operating our IT, marketing, accounting and legal systems,

  • courier and postal companies. 

Your data may be transferred to third countries if they provide an adequate level of protection for personal data, for example to the USA, based on the European Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/1250 adopted pursuant to Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, on the adequacy of the protection afforded by the EU-US Privacy Shield. You can get a copy of your personal data transferred to a third country. For this purpose, contact us at, phone +48 22 122 88 33.


Your personal data will be stored and processed during:

  • the term of the contract,

  • in the scope of consents granted to us for data processing, until the consent is withdrawn,

  • performing legal obligations imposed on us, e.g. issuing and storing invoices and accounting documents,

  • examining and responding to complaints within the time limit and in the form provided for in the contracts,

  • when the law requires us to store data, e.g. tax data,

  • for the period during which we may suffer the legal consequences of non-performance of the contract, determining, defending and making claims.

You have the right to request access to the content of your personal data, the right to request their rectification, deletion, restriction of processing, transfer of data, as well as the right to object. If you consent to the processing of data, you have the right to withdraw. You have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority, under the conditions set out in law.

  1. BT BeLingua offers regular and certified translation and interpretation services as well as other services directly related to translation.

  2. Standard page means 1500 characters with spaces, rounded up to 0.5 page.

  3. Each translation order of less than 1500 characters with spaces is treated as one page. Exceptions to this provision may be individually agreed upon with the written consent of BT Belingua employees.

  4. Sworn translation standard page means 1125 characters with spaces, rounded up to 1 page, pursuant to the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 24 January 2005 on remuneration for sworn translator activities (Dz.U. 2005, Nr 15, poz. 131). 

  5. The Translation Agency offers 3 modes of carrying out orders:

    • Regular mode: translation of up to 5 pages per day.

    • Express mode: translation of 5 to 8 pages per day.

    • Superexpress mode: over 9 pages per day.

  6. All orders accepted and carried out on the same day are in the Superexpress mode as a rule.

  7. The work on the order does not include the preparation of the translated text for dissemination, in particular linguistic correction or editing of the completed translation.

  8. For an additional fee, agreed individually with the Customer, BT BeLingua may provide correction of the translation by a native speaker of the specific language.

  9. For an additional fee, agreed individually with the Customer, BT BeLingua may provide graphic processing in the required format.

  10. Discounts for the first order and for high-volume orders do not apply to translations of vehicle registration and KRS documents, which are offered at flat-rate prices for specific sets of documents.

  1. BT BeLingua accepts orders placed in person, in writing, via email or the form in the website.

  2. The Customer has to provide the detailed requirements for the translation order (in particular expectations regarding the graphic processing of the text, preparation for printing, formatting). Expanding expectations when the order is already under way may result in postponement of the end date and change in the fee.

  3. After receiving the inquiry, BT BeLingua makes a free quote for the translation of the documents provided and agrees with the Customer on the principles and time limits for completing the order.

  4. BT BeLingua reserves the right to not valuate or carry out a specific order without stating a reason. Information about this decision will be communicated to the Ordering Party by email or phone.

  5. BT Belingua has the right to request the necessary data to complete the order, such as name, surname, email address, phone number and mailing address. The Customer has the right not to provide such information, which may result in a refusal to carry out the order.

  6. In the case of corporate customers, BT Belingua has the right to request the NIP number of the payer to be provided before accepting the order in order to assess the credibility of the Ordering Party.

  7. In special cases, with legal requirements taken into account, BT BeLingua makes the completion of the order dependent on review of the original document. In some cases, to process an order, it is necessary to bring in the original document to the office and leave it for the duration of the order processing.

  8. The valuation of regular translations is done on the basis of the source text, if it is provided in the MS Word format. In the case of documents provided in a non-editable format (e.g. PDF, JPG) and sworn translations, the rate per page of the final translated text is given (when the exact number of characters before the translation can not be readily assessed). The above approach is in line with generally accepted rules of the translation market. In the case of sworn translations, it follows the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 24 January 2005 on remuneration for sworn translator activities (Dz.U. 2005, Nr 15, poz. 131), where the final price of the service is determined based on the final translated text.

  9. The condition for BT BeLingua to commence the processing of the order is its confirmation by the Customer, obligatorily in a written form. For orders placed in person at the BT Belingua office, it means signing of the rules and consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of the processing of the order. Confirmation of the order by email or SMS from an address or phone that may be linked to the payer is also acceptable.

  10. Lack of confirmation of the order releases BT BeLingua from the obligation to carry it out.

  1. Remuneration is required for the performance of the order, defined on the basis of the valuation of the translation of the documents provided and accepted by the Customer.

  2. The remuneration for BT BeLingua is payable by the Customer:

    • in the form of a 100% prepayment for non-business customers

    • in the form of a 100% prepayment against a proforma invoice for businesses ordering KRS file translations

    • in the form of deferred payment against a VAT invoice sent to the email address stated in the order.

  3. In exceptional cases, BT BeLingua reserves the right to make the acceptance of an order conditional on the Customer making a partial payment in advance.

  4. BT BeLingua makes it possible to agree on special conditions and means of payment. These conditions must be presented and accepted by both parties not later than on the day of accepting the order for processing.

  5. At the Customer’s request, BT Belingua will send a paper invoice for the service completed via Poczta Polska. The time when the paper invoice is received does not affect the time limit for payment for the service rendered.

  6. In the case of prepayment, BT BeLingua will initiate the processing of the order after receiving confirmation of payment or after crediting the payment to our account.

  7. BT BeLingua has the right to claim payment of amounts due and to charge statutory interest on overdue amounts, in accordance with applicable law.

  1. BT BeLingua outsources collection of debts.

  2. If the Customer is late for more than 14 days with payment for the invoice, BT BeLingua has the right to outsource collection of the undisputed payment under the invoice following an amicable collection path. The Customer will be additionally charged with collection costs and statutory interest.

  3. If amicable collection is ineffective, BT BeLingua reserves the right to sell outstanding payments following assignment of receivables.

  4. In the event of ineffective amicable debt collection, BT BeLingua reserves the right to take legal steps to recover the outstanding claim, including court proceedings.

  1. The Translation Agency undertakes to keep confidential any information disclosed by the Customer when carrying out the order.

  2. All documents and materials provided by the Customer and the content of meetings interpreted are deemed confidential and are not disclosed to third parties, with the exception of publicly available materials (e.g. press and online publications, generally available legal acts, etc.).

  3. At the request of the Customer, the Translation Agency may sign a separate document drafted up by the Customer that contains a confidentiality clause. BT BeLingua reserves the right not to sign such a document when it is deemed potentially damaging.

  1. If the Customer resigns from the processing of an active order, he is obliged to pay remuneration for the work actually done before the withdrawal from further processing of the order and to refund all other costs incurred by the Translation Agency related to the processing of the order, but not less than 25% of the remuneration agreed for this order.

  2. In the case of interpreting, the time limit is always communicated by which the Customer can withdraw from the service without any costs. Withdrawal after the stated time limit, for reasons in control of the Customer, obliges the Customer to pay 100% of the service value, even if it has not been completed.

  1. The Translation Agency translates following the standards adopted for this type of service, with a professional, specialised, and qualified staff of translators.

  2. The Customer has the right to lodge a complaint if the translation does not meet the standards required for this type of service. In this case, the Customer may submit, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the translation – in person in the Translation Agency office, or in writing by email, or by mail sent to: Biuro Tłumaczeń BeLingua, ul. Zamiejska 7, 05-802 Pruszków – a complaint in which it will specify in detail the non-compliance of the translation with the accepted standards. The Translation Agency, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, will address it in writing and send a reply to the Customer’s address stated in the complaint. If the complaint is accepted by the Translation Agency, the Customer has the right to demand a discount in the remuneration for the order completed or to set an additional time limit for correction, corresponding with the scope of the required changes.

  3. The Customer is obliged to state the substantive and language errors in the complaint. A substantive error is a lexical error or omission of part of the source text in the translation. A language error is a grammatical translation error. The complaint cannot be based solely on the Customer’s subjective opinion about the allegedly incorrect translation.

  1. The Translation Agency is not responsible for the content of the texts sent to be translated.

  2. The Translation Agency is not liable for damages resulting from the order to translate a document by a person that is not authorised to have access to the source text.

  3. The Translation Agency is not liable for incorrect completion of the order resulting from force majeure or other reasons beyond its control, in particular for technical failures in internet or phone lines, power outages, delays in the delivery of translations caused by courier companies, or damage / destruction of these documents on the way to the Customer’s facility.

  4. BT BeLingua is not liable for delays during the processing of the order resulting from the need to answer questions of the Customer arising during the processing of the order, the clarification of which is necessary for the proper completion of the order.

  1. The Translation Agency and the Customer will endeavour to resolve any disputes arising from the processing of orders in an amicable way.

  2. The Rules do not limit BT Belingua in the application of customised forms of settlements, promotions, and processing conditions agreed with the Customer when drafting up the offer.

  3. In the matters not governed by these Rules, the general provisions of the Polish law shall apply.